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Additional cleaning services in Darwin

Including Concrete, Roof, Pressure Cleaning & More

Concrete and driveway cleaning

To protect your driveway from deteriorating from dirt and grime over time, take a look at our high pressure cleaning service – affordable and efficient.

Our service is the cleanest, fastest and safest way to remove mould, dirt, algae, moss, oil stains and even paint spills completely from your driveway.

We use a gloss solvent-based sealer that will remove all the chemicals, petrol, oil, mould, fungus and algae from pavers, concrete, sandstone and aggregate.
A man pressure cleaning in Darwin
man cleaning the roof

Roof cleaning

The most efficient way of bringing back the original colour of your roof is our high pressure roof cleaning available to Darwin area residents.

If you do not use high pressure roof cleaning regularly, a thick layer of mould, moss and dirt will grow up there and it could be very harmful to your tiled or Colorbond roof.

DCCS uses speciality whirl-away, turbo nozzles that provide a consistent pressure that will save you water, time and will clean your roof fully without any zebra stripe effect.

Commercial cleaning

Our company is very capable of commercial high pressure cleaning. It includes exterior walls, eaves, windows, footpaths, car parks, common areas and signage cleaning for retail shops, offices, warehouses and more.

A bright, clean exterior can raise the rental price of your building, make employees feel more welcome and attract the attention of clients and customers.

All of our services are offered at an affordable price that will fit any budget. We can do the job faster, safer and more effectively by using our tools, which are perfect and specially made for the job.
commercial cleaning

Pressure cleaning

Our company is Darwin’s favourite local pressure cleaning company. We service the entire Northern Territory area, including Darwin, Palmerston, Howards Springs and Humpty Doo.
The dirt, grime, oil, mould and debris that accumulate on the surface of your home over many years can give your property an old, run down look, but our high pressure cleaning can remove it to give your property a new and welcoming look.
Our company will offer you a price-beat guarantee. We offer discounts for clients securing multiple services or when cleaning larger areas. You can check out our before and after pictures and videos to see how our high pressure cleaning does the job!
exterior cleaning

Exterior cleaning

We can clean up your walls, garage doors, eaves, windows and security screens with our high pressure cleaning, whether your exterior is metal, brick or vinyl. We will bring your home back to the bright, clean state it was back when it was brand new.

Our high pressure cleaning lance can reach up to eight metres, and we don’t need to use any ladder or elevated work platform to reach every space, even if your building is more than two storeys tall. 

Graffiti removal

Our company is able to provide maximum graffiti removal and paint removal works from any place, including bricks, concrete, metal, tiles, windows, plastic and more.

We apply the best possible method to remove the graffiti from any surface. It doesn’t matter how difficult it is to remove, the team at DCCS will get it clean.
cleaning a sports track

Sports surface pressure cleaning

Our DCCS Blasting will help you to keep your sports surface neat and clean the whole year. We will remove all the mould, grime and dirt from your track or court. Keeping your surface clean not only helps it look and perform much better but will also do a better job of keeping the athletes and spectators safer as well.

We clean tennis courts, netball courts, basketball courts, cricket pitches, grandstand concrete and more.

Quality is our number one focus

Give us a call for any questions you have or to schedule a service. We look forward to working with you and helping your space become as clean as possible.
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